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Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive healing technique that helps your mind and body relax and heal itself.  It can include resting hands on or above the body in areas that need attention to help release pain, tension, or patterns of imbalance.



You can choose whether to receive this deeply relaxing technique in silence or to receive impressions Joy might have about the areas being worked on.


Reiki Classes

You can learn how to give yourself and others Reiki!

Reiki classes are divided into 4 levels

Each class is 6 hours

Reiki 1         $100

Included the basic history of Reiki, explains how it works and how to do it.  This is a wonderful way to learn how to do it on yourself and/or loved ones, including pets!


Reiki 2          $150      (prerequisite: Reiki 1)

Learn 3 symbols that amplify the Reiki energy and help you to send it from a distance to others.  This is a practitioner level and you can charge others for your service


Reiki 3 (ART)    $200    (Prerequisite: Reiki 2)

Reiki 3, otherwise known as Advanced Reiki Technique, teaches you the master symbol and is considered the highest level of Reiki


Reiki 4 (Teacher)  $300   (Prerequisite: Reiki 3)

Learn how to teach others Reiki


Please contact Joy at 515-724-3797 or by email at for any questions about Reiki or to schedule a session or a class.  Classes can be held at my office or your location and are scheduled at a mutually convenient time, including being broken up into 2 or more chunks of time.


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